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Get into the world of Docker

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This material isn't up to date. However, it's still free and it can help you understand the basics.

What is this?

A hands-on crash course to learn Docker basics. It's a material I was using in internal workshops for colleagues who don't have experience with it. Step by step, covering the essentials, while skipping the boring parts.

It's wrapped around  3 real-life dev scenarios and it requires your attention. So, be ready to have your terminal open and type some commands. You can check out some pages in the preview gallery above.

Who is it for?

- You heard about Docker and you plan to start learning it for some time

- You don't like to learn from the official documentation with tons of links, you like when someone points to the exact things that work

- Your colleagues are recommending Docker and you don't have a clue how it can help you

- You copy-paste Docker commands for your project documentation but you don't know what is going on behind the scenes, often afraid that you'll break something

- You are a slow learner and you like to be pointed exactly to the solution. It's not a bad thing, I'm a slow learner, too. More on that in the section below.

Or maybe none of this is true. You're simply someone who decided to expand their skillset and took Docker as a next topic

Who is Bruno?

As already mentioned, Bruno is also a slow learner. Especially when it comes to understanding big things. But all the things he learns, he likes to teach. Often in a more simple way. Because he was once junior and knows how it feels when you don't know a damn thing

He's been working at codecentric, as a software developer, since 2011. During that time he helped a lot of his junior colleagues to stand on their feet. Bruno hates writing in 3rd person, so I'm gonna stop here.

Money-back guarantee and a special offer for students

Alright, let's start with the learning. Join the 50+ people who already bought this. You saw the preview, you know what to expect. Hit the Buy button and if you feel your money was wasted, I'll be happy to return it to you (30 days from the purchase).

If you're a student, ping me on Twitter or LinkedIn and I'll send you a 100% off discount code.

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Get into the world of Docker

5 ratings
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