Getting Started selling on Gumroad - Discover all the possibilities

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"I didn't know you can do that on Gumroad". Yes, you can, and it's very easy. 

The beauty of Gumroad is that it offers you so many options. That could also be a downside and you can get lost.

I have compiled 11 different things you do with Gumroad. Standard products with fixed prices are the most popular. But, have you ever consider selling licenses? Charge for appointments? Or even running a paid newsletter. There are plenty of other setups that you can use to leverage this platform.

What's in it?

This info product has 2 parts. Inspirational and Practical part. Plus bonus part on how to do a lead magnet. In both parts, I'm covering 11 different ways to set up your product on Gumroad. So, first I describe what you can do, and then how. 

In the Inspirational part, you will find a brief overview for each setup. Plus two to three real-life examples where to apply it. Also, there are Pros and Cons, based on my observations and experience. I'm calling this part Inspirational since you can get a lot of ideas here. Ideas that might kick start your next product.

In the Practical part, you will see how to configure everything. Screenshots included. Also, I'm bringing up some things that may not be obvious in the first place.

This product is not...

... here to skyrocket your sales, nor to tell you how to write a killer copy for your Gumroad page. It doesn't contain tips and tricks for optimizing sales either. I'm not selling secrets for success, especially not for overnight ones. To be clear, you'd need to work on that part. 

This product will help you realize what is possible on Gumroad. Different ways of setting up the product page. One-off sales, membership, tiers, and more.

Alright! Let's sell things on Gumroad together!

Who knows, your next product could make you $2000+ in sales. 



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Getting Started selling on Gumroad - Discover all the possibilities

7 ratings
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