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Notion template for Indie hackers - Which feature to work on next

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I've adapted popular D-I-E scoring feature framework to be available as a notion template.

Indie hackers have a lot of features in their backlogs. 

Whenever we think something would be "nice to have" in our app – we write it down. We also add things that our customers mention from time to time.

And it becomes quite a list over time. You also have it, am I right?  

Soon you have a dozens of those things on your list. But still, you don't know what to work on next

And you feel like tapping in one place. So much things to work and still you feel like you're not doing anything.

DIE feature scoring framework to the rescue!

One of the big advantage of DIE framework lies in it's simplicity. And it's quick to start applying it. You won't spend hours just on your backlog organisation. Try it.

Demand [High-Medium-Low] – How many people request this feature? 

Impact [High-Medium-Low] – How big an effect this feature will make?

Effort [XS-S-M-L-XL] – How much does it take to implement it? 

Score your each feature in this Notion template and you'll get the answer what to focus on.

I'm not the author of DIE framework, this is only a template to apply DIE framework in your Notion workspace.

Target audience 

Indie makers who love Notion and feel a bit lost in their backlog

Who is Bruno?

A regular guy, interacting with other indie makers, often checking out their product and providing insightful feedback.

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A Notion template that you can duplicate into your workspace including formula for DIE framework feature scoring.


Notion template for Indie hackers - Which feature to work on next

0 ratings
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